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Wound care is needed in a variety of situations, including post surgical care, serious injury, and chronic or complex wounds, such as those obtained due to the physical confinement of a wheelchair or bed. In addition, some wounds have difficulty healing due to diet, environment or chronic diseases such as diabetes, vascular and arterial issues. In these and other situations, the skills of a Certified Wound Care nurse are vital to a patient’s healing and restored health.


 At The Ellis, our Certified Wound Care nurse coordinates with the wound care physician, primary physicians and consulting physicians in urology, orthopedics, and vascular to determine an appropriate care plan for each patient. We offer the specialized wound care services of Vohra ( We also offer wound V.A.C. (Vacuum-Assisted Closure) therapy as part of our care plan.  The V.A.C. is the latest advancement in wound closure therapy. This treatment minimizes hospitalization, increases comfort, and achieves dramatic results in healing.


Our mission is to provide expert, evidence-based medical treatment to patients who suffer from non-healing wounds that have failed to heal despite usual medical treatment. Our Wound Care Program provides educational support to help prevent future issues, and utilizes the latest wound management resources.  Specialized wound therapy at The Ellis is a vital part of the healing process and allows the patient to have a lifestyle as full and productive as possible.

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