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"Our Residents & Families Say it Best!"

“I want to thank each and everyone of the therapists and staff for all of the excellent care you gave me to get me moving again.  I especially want to thank Ellie and Stacie for picking me up by my bootstraps when I was down and needed their comforting words.  You made my stay at The Ellis much more enjoyable by your love, concern and thoughtfulness. I wish each and every one of you the best and when I get a little more mobile, I hope to stop by and say hello!    Sincerely, Jean B.”

“To The Ellis Staff:

My family wanted to write & tell you what loving, caring and excellent care our mom received from her caretakers. We’re so appreciative of them and their support & care of our family. They all went above and beyond & we want to be sure you know how valuable they are as employees of your company, and how much they will be missed by our family.    The Family of Helen C.”

“I needed to recover from heart surgery. At The Ellis, I felt at home. The staff was always there for me. The therapy department helped me to recover quickly.  Most people may not want to consider recovering at a nursing home, but I had an excellent experience and credit my speedy recovery and better health to The Ellis….. and as a bonus I made some new, lasting friends during my stay!     Harold K.”



Dear Ken Kelly:

     I want to say thank you to you and the entire staff of The Ellis for all you folks do to make life special for residents. Today was “Casino Day” in the dining room/pub.  There were decorations, games, prizes, refreshments but most of all there was the ever present Ellis staff encouraging everyone to join in and to have fun.  Sharon was handing out fake money and explaining the games. Marsha was throwing the dice at the Craps Table and assisting players. Other staff were around the room manning games, calling Bingo and patiently helping residents participate.

     I can only imagine all of the planning, preparation and work that goes into these celebrations and holidays.  The 4th of July at the Ellis was also especially nice!  Again, there were plenty of decorations, flags tiaras, necklaces …something for everyone.  The singer was great and people loved the patriotic songs and the tribute to each branch of the Armed Forces. The staff couldn't have done more to make this day special. On a day when most people are attending their own family cookouts,  Marsha was passing out flags and checking to make sure everyone had a seat. The young men on her team were cheerfully wheeling residents in and out of the dining room.  The Ellis staff was doing everything they could to make this a special day and they seemed happy doing it. It never ceases to amaze me that even on holidays like Christmas and Easter, each staff member seems genuinely happy to be there and yet I know they would surely rather be spending the holiday with their own family . The kindness, patience and smiles from staff always lift my own spirit on these occasions!


  My mother has been here two years now.  While this is a difficult journey for us as we slowly lose our mother to the mind fog that is dementia, it is comforting to know that she is in a beautiful environment with good, caring people surrounding her daily.  Thank you to a wonderful group of people for all you do each and every day to bring happiness into people’s lives.  The Ellis is truly a blessing!

Sincerely,  Maria H.









“To the rehab staff of The Ellis Rehab and Nursing Center: 

    Thank you so much for the skillful and caring therapy you provided to George during his stay at the Ellis.  With your help, he made fantastic progress and he is pleased to be going home with a confident attitude about his success.     Fondly, Bea C. and Elyssa and David R.”.


“The therapy team really pushed me, even on the hard days, they reminded me I was working so I can get back home.     Kathy L.”



 “First of all, please forgive me for being so tardy in sending you this note of thanks for your excellent care and kindness in Occupational Therapy while I was at The Ellis.   Your care, in fact, was so instructive that my at-home Occupational Therapist has put me on a “call me” basis when I may want to see her.  I am doing pretty well as long as I keep my patience!  Again,  I an sending my sincere appreciation for all you all your help in speeding my recovery.  All the best!   Walter C.”

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